Read-Only Webification

APTROW stands for Advanced Programming Technology Read-Only Webification.

What that means is: create read-only web views of your business data, using whatever technology.

APTROW is an opportunity take advantage of (or experiment with) more advanced programming languages that are not yet "Enterprise Approved".

What are some "advanced" programming languages that can be used?

Which programming languages and technologies should be considered to be "advanced" or not is somewhat subjective. Also, what's old and what's new changes as the years pass. A good general guide is programming.reddit.com, in the sense that if there exists an advanced programming language or technology, of the kind that promises in some way to make programming "better", but which has not reached the stage of widespread commercial use, it will be mentioned there.

In the category of a "technology" but not a "language" we can include the development of Domain-Specific Languages, i.e. make up your own language that says whatever it is that you want to say (in whatever way you want to say it).


Initial Release

A very early release of a demonstration concept for Aptrow can be found at http://github.com/pdorrell/aptrow. It is a WSGI web application running on Python 3.1, and includes very simple browsing of files, directories and zip files. The most interesting thing it does right now is let you browse a zip file which is an item inside another zip file (to any depth, except perhaps until the URL gets too long).

Last updated: 28 June 2009