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A Manifesto For Intuitive Music Composition

Philip Dorrell, 9 January 2012

The best way to compose music is intuitively. In fact, given what we know about music, and what we don't know about music, it's probably the only way to compose music. (In other words, I make the bold claim that all those people composing the great music that you listen to every day are already doing this.)

Some of the details here are a bit technical, but don't let that put you off trying to understand the basic ideas.

I also give two analogies: that of learning to ride a bike, and exploratory mountain-climbing in dense fog. Neither of these analogies is perfect, but they do help to explain the ideas (and the ways in which the analogies fail are in themselves illuminating).

tl;dr: Summary of Strategies Required to Achieve Intuitive Composition

Summary of Strategies Required to Achieve Intuitive Composition

Also see my earlier blog article How to Compose Music, which includes some links to musical examples.

A similar concept to "Intuitive" is "Tacit", as in Tacit Knowledge. An interesting paper on that subject is Do we really understand tacit knowledge?.

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