propositional writing

Critique of "A Money-Making Manifesto"

Philip Dorrell, 7 January 2012

The theme of this propositional manifesto is that money is something that makes people happier, and money doesn't cost that much to make, so why don't they make more of it?

The short answer to above question is that increasing the total amount of money does not increase the total amount of wealth (or of happiness), and actually leads to hyper-inflation and destroyed economies.

If you have read down this far, just remember that this propositional manifesto is an example.

The critique (which perhaps should be taken more seriously than the manifesto itself) can be found here.

On a somewhat serious note, it may be that writing an ironic propositional manifesto is a good way to argue against a point of view that you disagree with, especially if the person arguing for that point of view hasn't yet written their own propositional manifesto for you to critique it.

This paragraph is an example of part of the critique in the appendix. (The first three paragraphs in this appendix were part of the original manifesto. In a real manifesto, the original manifesto would not contain any references to the critique.)

This document is a Critique of an (example) Propositional Manifesto. It is licensed under the Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.