Typing Spanish Characters

Typing Spanish Accents on an English Keyboard Test Page

This page is like the main demo page, but the functionality is not activated unless you have installed the toggle-spanish-accents.user.js GreaseMonkey script.

The sequences of characters that toggle can be seen on this page, which is used to generate the Javascript to provide the toggling functionality. (Note that "a", "o" and "u" have more than one alternative character, so you have to press F2 three times to get back to where you started.)

Try it out now ...

For example, to type 1º frase: ¡Hola! ¿Como estás?, type the following:

1 o [F2] [F2] [space] f r a s e : [space] ! [F2] H o l a ! [space] ? [F2] C o m o [space] e s t a [F2] s ?

Try it by typing some Spanish here:

Or here: